Wednesday, August 1, 2012

We've been busy!

I've mentioned a time or two that my craft room has been torn up while we were doing some remodeling.  My husband has been putting down ceramic tile and is pretty much finished with that. Just a few little touch ups on the grout and the space right at the foot of the steps is all that is left to do in that room. He took a break and we went to IKEA in Pittsburg last Sunday.  These pics show what we got there!

These beautiful shelf units replace folding tables and other odd storage items along the wall below my 19" pegboard.  Looks so much neater!

My current stamp sets are stored here in DVD holders and my few wooden sets are to the left of them.

Here in the middle section is my cutting and scoring center.

And for right now my Big Shot is on the left section.  We are planning another trip to IKEA soon and then I will have my Big Shot and all the items that go with it in another place.  Also planning some storage below the big window that is to the left of this wall.  I'll show more pics as we go along.  I am so lucky that my husband is so handy and is interested in making my crafting area so nice!

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Kathy Skinner (Kat) said...

What a wonderful crafting space Carol! So happy for you!