Saturday, February 18, 2012

SU Stars Blog Hop: Stamping Spaces

Welcome to the SU Stars blog hop.  This is stop #4.  You may have come here from Loni's Life.  If you began here or get lost along the way you can find a complete list of hops here.

This month we are showing off our studios.  I warn you, if you can't stand to see some messiness, you better stop right now on this blog.  My studio is always a work in progress and gets quite messy at times.

This first pic shows my tables before I began cleaning up a little bit.
I love having this large picture window in my basement studio.  I have to be very careful that the sun doesn't fade my stuff.  That is why I have such dark curtains.

 My cardstock is stored in these rolling file tubs.  There are 2 color families in each tub.  I have 2 more that store my retired cs.

My designer series paper is stored in the 12" plastic paper holders that SU sells.

 Here is my cutting and scoring station.  And behind that you will see my ribbon storage.  I need to add another piece of gutter.  My two are completely full!

  My old style punches are on this pegboard along with some other brands that I hardly ever use.  Need to clean some of them out. This section of pegboard is 5' wide by 4' tall.  On the opposite wall I have about 18' x 4' of pegboard (the whole length of the room!).  I love having my things out where I can see them.

 I have these DVD towers to hold my clear mount stamps.  I put a colored dot stickers on my retired sets.  Behind the towers are my small stamps sets on the pegboard.

 And these shelves hold my wood sets and lots of retired sets among other items. I also have another shelf for retired sets.  I haven't been bitten by the urge to get rid of any of my stamp sets yet.  Maybe someday!

Below are some pics showing my room set up for my next group of stampers.

And this young lady thinks it is her  room!

The next stop is Eileen's Stampin' Fever Blog.

Thanks for stopping by!

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Carey said...

These are great pics. Thanks for sharing your stamping spaced with us.

Carey Rogers
aka Roscoe's mommy (the swap eating dog

Shari said...

What a nice big room!

Jayne Stenstrom said...

I absolutely love your cutting and ribbon station! That is a great way to keep your ribbons handy. Hmmm... I wonder how I could make that work in my room...

And your cat looks exactly like our beloved Rasputen - the first cat I ever had. He came with my husband. :) Sure miss him. He was that gorgeous gray color of your kitty. I'm sure she already knows she's pretty, but give her a rub from me!

Carol said...

I love your space. I would love to have a space that would allow me to hold classes here. Thank you for sharing.

Denise Foor Studio PA said...

Great studio, it!

Patrice H said...

I too love to have everything out and easy to get to! That window must give to some great lighting. Lots of room to play in here I see.

Ann Schach said...

Carol, your stamping space is awesome. You are so lucky to have so much room!

Tina Zinck said...

Hi Carol! Thanks for visiting my blog - it's nice to 'meet' you! I'm now following your blog too and it's WONDERFUL! I love your projects and your organized stamp room is fabulous!